How to Trust Strangers

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How to Trust Strangers

Post by mr.banker on Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:44 am

How to Trust Strangers

While it is wise to be cautious and not
talk to total strangers, there are times when we are asked to trust
unknown people. We go to doctors whom we don't know, or we may be in an
accident and have to trust a stranger to help us. Everyone is a
stranger at some time, so it is best to define our own boundaries
before dismissing perfect strangers out of hand.


for signs of dishonesty. If a person says one thing while doing
another, this person may not be trustworthy. Watch how the stranger is
acting. If he seems to be nervous, consider ending the encounter.

to your inner voice. Often, we dismiss our inner self-talk because we
have not learned to trust ourselves. Our subconscious usually knows
more than we do consciously and gives us warnings when we are tuned
into our inner voice. Learn to discern between inner knowledge and
stereotypes you may be harboring.

Follow the lead of those you do trust.
Asking for referrals to doctors, hairdressers, financial advisers and
mechanics is a good rule of thumb to get an introduction to strangers
who offer services. Going to social events with friends who have been
there before gives the people a bit of a preapproval benefit.

to strangers before giving over your money or your intimacy. Ask smart
questions that will give you some clue to their character. Judge others
as you want to be judged.

Find common denominators
upon which you can place your judgment, such as knowledge of community
events or colleagues or other connections that you may have in common.
Ask questions for which you know the answers to gauge if a stranger is
lying to you.
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