Are Any Of Your "Friends" Energy Vampires?

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Are Any Of Your "Friends" Energy Vampires?

Post by mr.banker on Wed Mar 25, 2009 10:38 am

Are you one of those individuals who craves to have friends around you all or most of the time? If so have you ever
wondered what motivates your craving? Have you ever wondered how discriminating you are when it comes to the types
of people you choose to invite into your life and into your energetic space?

Well if you feel more frustrated, annoyed, unheard, depleted, embarrassed, diminished, invisible and so on after spending
time with your "friends" then it likely means your choices have been less than discerning.

So why do people choose to spend time with others who deplete rather than invigorate, uplift, and energize them?

Well if there is a "need to have friends" based on:

1. The fear of being alone.

2. The need to be loved liked or appreciated.

3. The need to be taken care of or rescued.

4. The need to feel like part of something.

5. The need to be accepted.

6. The fear of being left out.

7. The need to be valued and/or validated.

8. The need to boost self esteem, self confidence and/or self worth

And so on, then one's ability to discern who "good friendship" material is is impaired.

How can one enhance their ability to accurately discern who is right and who is not?

Well discernment is based on the ability to feel how another person affects your Life Force Energy or what is generally
called "one's energy". I'm sure the term "energy vampire" is familiar to you. Energy vampires are individuals who
consciously or unconsciously feed off of other peoples' energy in order to make themselves feel whole, complete,
powerful, superior, impressive, and so on.

They do this in many contexts i.e. personal relationships, in their careers with colleagues and clients, in their families, and
with their so-called friends. So if you happen to be in one of these groups you'll eventually meet up with one who'll prey
on you.

The key to discerning when this is happening is to be able to "feel" it. What you will feel are the following: used,
manipulated, controlled, dismissed, diminished, made to feel inferior or stupid, confused, tired or weakened, depleted of
self confidence, self worth, self esteem, and energy to name a few.

The energy being depleted is your Life Force Energy. In other words the friendship is literally killing you.

The reasons listed above for being drawn into such relationships in the first place are rooted in early negative experiences
in your life, stored as negative memories, that have programmed you in those ways i.e. to feel fearful and needy.

If I said that all of those experiences actually stand in the way of you ever being free to feel at ease and to draw the
right kind of friends into your life how would that feel to you? Probably frustrating because there is no way to undo
those experiences is there?

Well that's where the story takes a dramatic turn. It's actually possible to permanently release those negative
experiences from within once and for all with a new process called the Mind Resonance ProcessŪ (MRP).

This will not only spontaneously help you to feel and be more discerning but it will literally change the quality of
individuals who you draw into your sphere of friends.
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