Becoming a Good Friend

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Becoming a Good Friend

Post by mr.banker on Fri Mar 27, 2009 10:57 am

What makes a friendship important? Friendship has many health benefits, including a longer and
healthier life. It also makes our otherwise boring lives more exciting and fun, interesting and relaxing. Having just one
close or best friend also enhances a person’s ability to deal with stress and problems. Support from lovers, siblings,
parents and children do not provide the same health benefits as that of friendship. The level of understanding and
communication is different—there are things that you can tell your pal that you would NEVER say to your Mom, right?
There are secrets that only she can keep, and jokes that only she can appreciate.

Although not fully understood, researchers have found out that friends can boost the immunity system. Good friends can
make you feel relaxed, can comfort you and be there for you when you need somebody to talk to, even cry and laugh
with! They can be a strong support network that could keep you motivated and boost your self-esteem through the
hardest of times. Every person needs a friend—do you know how to be one? Here are five easy ways to become a good
friend: Spend time together. You’re in Atlanta, she’s in Tokyo. How on earth can you possibly spend time together?
Sometimes spending time with a her doesn’t mean that you have to be physically present.

Being miles away is no match to the World Wide Web. Send emails or have a video chat and show her your new ‘do. If
your friend is only a few blocks away, you can always gossip in the bedroom. Show her that you care about the
friendship. Instead of cleaning the house like you do on most afternoons, go that extra mile and go shopping with her.
We all have priorities, but setting aside a chore or two for a friend once in a while will surely make her smile. Or, if the
house badly needs a scrubbing, why not ask her to help you out? Be there for your friend whenever you can.

Celebrate with her on moments of joy and happiness, and comfort her on moments of sorrows and difficulties. Sometimes
there’s nothing that you can really do except to be there. Your mere presence will surely make the occasion a happier or
a more bearable one. Throw away your score-cards. Do you count the number of calls she has made versus your number
of calls? Can’t forget the time when she didn’t give you a birthday gift? Get over it. Friendship is about give-and-take
but, if you feel that you are giving more and you’re not okay with it, then be honest with her.

Tell her and get over it. Focus on her strengths, and help her enhance her weaknesses. You’re human, she’s human.
Humans make mistakes. A good friend accepts you for whatever you are. Besides, you have your own strengths and
weaknesses too. Avoid being judgemental and accept her as a totally different person from you. After all, differences are
what make life more exciting! There are countless ways to be a good friend. It doesn’t have to be expensive or over the
top, just as long you show your friends that you truly value the friendship.
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