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Quetta - Pakistan
The name Quetta originates from the Pashtoo word
Kwatta which means a fort. In the beginning, the town was situated
within the walls of fort “A Miri” which is now used as an arsenal. The
district is bounded on the north by district Pishin; on the east by
Ziarat; on the south by Mastung and on the west by district Killa
Abdullah. Till the middle of the eighteenth century, the history of
Quetta district is identical with the history of Kandahar. In the
eleventh century it was part of the Graeco-Bactrian empire. After that
it remained under the Kingdom of the Amir Sabuktagain and Mahmood
Ghaznavi till the thirteenth century. In 1470, the Kandahar Kingdom was
succeeded by Timur’s. Between 1530 and 1545, the Province of Kandahar
was in the possession of Mirza Kamran (The brother of a Mughal ruler).
In1622 the Kingdom was brought under the sway of the Safavid dynasty
and remained there until 1709. Later Ghilzai came into power and ruled
the area. Thereafter, Quetta was transferred to Nadir. Later on history
relates that Ahmed Shah Durrani finally conferred Quetta to the Khan of
Kalat as a shall (present).
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nice info bro
keep sharing such nce info
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