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The Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIKI) is one of the most prestigious engineering institutes of Pakistan. GIKI is known the world over for setting a standard of excellence in the field of engineering. Over the years, the institute has produced bright, innovative graduates employed at some of the most respectable firms all over the world. The Institute aspires to be a center of excellence in engineering sciences and technology, which acts as an effective agent of change and a model for others to emulate. It is autonomous and independently chartered and is funded by the private sector. It strives to attract faculty of outstanding talent and ability to provide the students a supporting and enabling environment. It hopes to produce graduates who distinguish themselves by their professional competence, humanistic outlook and ethical rectitude, pragmatic approach to problem-solving, and organizational and managerial skills. Given these attributes, they should be able to respond adequately to the needs of Pakistan and be the vanguard of their techno-industrial transformation.

Apart from its outstanding academic programme, GIKI is also known for the versatility and vibrancy of its extra-curricular scenario. All of these activities are student-organized. At present, GIKI has more than 20 student societies. These organizations provide the students with various opportunities to indulge in their aesthetic interests and experience working in a professional environment. Moreover, these societies instill in their members the priceless qualities of teamwork and leadership.

The Board of Governors sits at the apex of the statutory pyramid of the Institute and its composition is the same as that of the General Council of the Society for the Promotion of Engineering Sciences and Technology. It has overall control of the Institute, and has the powers to create new components of the Institute such as a school, faculty or any other teaching or research unit, and to change constitution of its Executive Committee and Governing Council.

* President
o Engr. Shams-Ul-Mulk, HI, President, SOPREST and President Board of Governors, GIK Institute
* Members
o Mr. H.U. Beg
o Engr. Shah Nawaz Khan
o Engr.. Salim Saifullah Khan
o Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad, NI, HI, SI
o Dr. Naseem Ashraf
o Dr. Shaukat Hameed Khan
o Mr. Ali S. Habib
o Mr. Azam Faruque
o Mr. Arif Habib
* Ex-officio Members
o Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Govt. of Pakistan
o Chairman, Higher Education Commission or his nominee
o Executive Director, SOPREST
o Secretary, Ministry of Finance Govt. of Pakistan
o Secretary, Ministry of Science & Technology Govt of Pakistan
o Secretary, Ministry of Education Govt. of Pakistan
o Chief Secretary, N.W.F.P.
o Secretary Law, N.W.F.P
* Secretary Board of Governors
o Mr. Samiullah Marwat

Maps & Directions

  • GIK Institute is situated approximately 1km from a small town, Topi
  • Approx. location: 34.0670N, 72.6170E
  • District: Swabi
  • Province: NWFP

The Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIKI) Clip_image001

  • Starting
    from Islamabad, follow the Grand Trunk Road towards Peshawar or get
    onto Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway till you reach FaqirAbad Bus Stop (at
    Lawrencepur). From there, turn towards Tarbela and you will reach the
    campus after passing through Ghazi and Ghazi-Barotha Barrage.
    Signboards and place marks at appropriate locations are marked on the
  • Starting from Peshawar, follow the G.T. Road till you reach Jahangira. From there, come to Topi and the campus via Swabi.

program of study

The Graduate School offers MS and PhD degrees in the following programs:

  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Engineering Sciences (Applied Physics and Computational & Applied Mathematics)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Advanced Design and Manufacturing, Computational Mechanics
    and Thermal sciences)
  • Materials Engineering
  • Nanotechnology and Materials Engineering.

contact Information

All admission related queries maybe directed to the contact given below:

Contact E-mail Phone
Undergraduate Admissions 0938-271858-61 Ext. 2301,
NWD: 0938-271859,
Cell # 0334-8696119, 0303-5394528