A love story

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A love story

Post by luv.inspecta on Wed Jun 18, 2008 8:48 pm

A Love Story

I don't need shining armor,
or baskets of pure gold,
no white horse to swoop in on,
or rainbows to behold.
The only thing I need, my love
is a treasure above the rest,
it's to hear you tell me a story
of a love that's heaven blessed.

Each chapter a beautiful memory
of the life that we've shared,
the times that made us happy,
and the times we didn't care.
Those moments, they defined us,
they made us who we are,
and cherishing every moment
has carried us this far.

You'll always be my hero,
No greater love could I find,
You're my happily ever after,
and my once upon a time.
We'll grow old, and we'll grow weary,
we'll falter, then make amends,
but I'll love you until forever,
until our story ends.

That's all that really matters,
It's the only thing I need,
on this journey of a lifetime,
it's just you and me.
When I look upon the pages
I'll give thanks when I pray,
for making our life a love story,
every step of the way.
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Re: A love story

Post by pink-jasmine on Thu Jul 17, 2008 12:21 pm

Nice love story bro, i feel you are guru of love now.
I read all ur post you are good in love poem Very Happy

keep posting Very Happy

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