be aware of this email

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be aware of this email

Post by @bid on Tue Sep 29, 2009 12:59 pm

if you get an email like this from! then its not legitimate

apply for room admin-ship!

According to mig33's new rule, the room creator
is the admin of his own room. But the old rooms don't have any admin yet. So
we have decided to select some global admins like before. Global admins will
moderate all old rooms of mig33 (both private & public rooms).
Instructions and Conditions for applicants:

>Applicant must be a regular
mig33 user.

>To qualify for a Admin Selection, applicant must be well aware
of English and his/her country language

>Applicant must be a valid
authenticated mig33 user.

>The candidate must be at least a month old mig33
User and must be fully aware of mig33 and its rules and services.

Chat log of applicant must be clean with no vulgar activities.

>Last date
for apply : 15th October.Application after 15th of October won't be consuder.
For apply please

**You can visit
from Ur mobile/handset.

Kind regards
The mig33 Team

check the application form.they are asking 4 password. i think this is from hackers. please don't write your password.

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Re: be aware of this email

Post by commgr_migeer on Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:47 am

hi all,

we do not have any email account that will use or any other third party email providers.

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