His fight started as a result of a coincident he saw her for the first time. how did they came closer and started talking to each other aint really an important issue, but soon they fell in love with each other. She stood up on a mountain and he had to fight his way to her, his first fight came out to be very bloody, shedding blood of his parent’s wish, he never felt guilty, he was just fighting like true soldier and his destination was the mountain top where she stood waiting for him, his sword was full of blood but kept on fighting, fighting against his own people for her till he kill wishes of all of his relatives yeah he won and started climbing the mountain, when he reach the mountain top, he was the happiest person on earth, tied and exhausted he extended his hand toward her, she just smiled and raised her hand to her eye in a saluting style and said well done soldier I just wanted to see u fight you are a true soldier, you fight really good, now go and fight for someone else, I have to go some one where else, our ways are different. He begged, pleaded and cried but she didn’t listen to him and went away. He looked back at the hurdle that he crossed, he could still see the drops of bloods on his sword, now he had no other option but to go back, but would he go back now, he has closed all the doors already even after all that fighting, he was left with nothing except a huge regret of his life now, what he could was to change his sword, he changed his sword and started fighting for the real life like a true soldier that he was.

(guys what do u conclude from this story????

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