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Fake IDs

Post by @bid on Thu Jan 14, 2010 4:12 pm

source: s4ints81 (Mig33 Team Member)

Hi guys,

I'm sure this is nothing new to you guys but I've been informed by some of the users about fake IDs impersonating either staff or admins. I've also been given snapshots by a user that shows an ID that has been using my name to get money off from people who are not aware or desperate.

I would like to clarify here in the forum that I DO NOT and WILL NOT ask you for money to unban or reactivate your account! Please take note of this and pass the message along to your friends.

Your requests for unbanning through me (either through mig33 inbox or here at the forum) will be evaluated on a case to case basis depending on your past records. I am not biased with my replies and should you have a good record, there will be no reason why I will not unban your account.

However having said that, if you've violated our terms and conditions, don't expect me to release the account back to you. You know what you've done.

Last but not least I would like for users to be aware of who are our admins and what their IDs actually look like. Please take a look at the link below:


I've seen some users registering with IDs which are almost similar to our admins and use to tarnish their image. Please stop this childish act. If I find such IDs, I will not hesitate to ban it from our system. I ask for user to assist me in this case. Snapshots are appreciated but please contact me first about it.

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