Mig33 Web Client Feature Enhancements

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Mig33 Web Client Feature Enhancements

Post by @bid on Sun Jan 17, 2010 12:48 pm

For those of you that use mig on your computer, we’ve made some feature enhancements that we hope will improve your experience!

Some of the cool new enhancements include:

  • Active Chat Window Notification. Now when you minimize your window you will have visual cues to notify you when there is chat activity. Great feature enhancement for all of you that have multiple windows open!

  • Launch a private chat or mail from your Friends list in your profile window.

  • Search for Friends. Too many friends to scroll through? Now you can Search for your friends using the Search function.

  • Unread Mail Notification. One of my favorites – this feature enhancement provides you with a visual cue that you have unread email.

  • Refresh your window and see all new comments and votes.

  • View full Status message. Move your mouse over the status to see the full text.

  • New Credit and Top Up Page. All Credit information can now be viewed and browsed in one window. Tab between Account Details, Account History, Recharge Credit, and Credit Transfer.

  • New Games Landing Page. Includes games categorization and calls to action.

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