missin' someone..

i want to hold ur hands & walk a mile
don't want to miss u even a while..

my life is so beautiful cuz
dear, it's u... my LIFE !

hug me for my worries to die
my tears to dry &
my loneliness to fly..

it hurts me to know
how i sometimes can be little selfish
when it comes to you..

i'm getting senti over u..
for God sake explain me why all these ?

i miss u every moment of the day
i keep me awake just to listen to u
i keep me empty just for u to fill
i keep me alive just to see you..

my mornings miss u
my evening seeks u
where were u all this year ?
why u weren't der to wipe my tears ?

fear of future is worse than the pain of past
still i bother the least cuz u'r der..

even seconds are too long to miss u
i want to hold ur hands and walk a mile
don't wanna miss u even a while..

Missin someone ...!!! 30i9nk9