The Pages Of My Heart

the pages of my heart ! Pic014

Itís the deepest of emotions, igniting
a candle of love
A flame forever burning, so deep for
only you and I
It is the happiness you have fulfilled
inside my heart
That has truly caused heavens angels
to never again cry.

Itís your kind heart that has captured
mine darling
Itís you who holds my heart deep in
your hands
Itís you, who is beautiful as a sunset
over the horizon
And it is you who has left footprints
in my hearts sand.

Itís the way you have expressed your
love for me
That has made me fall deeper in love
with you
It is the way you show your affection
towards me
That made me realize your love is so
pure and true.

Itís your love, written in the pages of
my heart darling
A chapter that will never end as long
as you love me
Itís with you, where I truly know my
heart belongs
Youíre the treasure forever buried in
my hearts sea.