Mothers Day's Poem

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Mothers Day's Poem

Post by evilzevilz on Mon May 11, 2009 10:01 am

You are special and loving,
and the closest part of my Heart

you're an epitome of Love
and kindness,
and so special

There's no one like a Mother and
no Mother quite like you...

You are so very thoughtful and caring,
and I just want to thank you Mother,
for making my life brighter.


Mothers cannot do it all
But surely do they try.

Mothers hear the angel's call,
To comfort all who cry.

Mothers for themselves may fall,
For others they will fly.

Mother's bear the weight of all,
For their children, they would die.

A Mother's gift extends beyond
All bounds of time and space.

Her lovingness and nurturing
Make Earth a peaceful place.
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